Eastern Poultry Product - Chicken


Whether you are a further processor buying fresh boneless breast and trim meat, an importer sourcing leg quarters, a food service distributor or anywhere in between, we can help. Take advantage of our large frozen inventory supply or let Eastern provide you with fresh product at the most competitive pricing available.

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Eastern Poultry Product - Cow


We specialize in retail fresh boxed beef for “fill in” and overnight service. We have access to all grades, all primals and ground beef. We serve major retail distribution warehouses and independent stores throughout the United States.

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Eastern Poultry Product - Fish


Eastern imports quality frozen seafood from around the globe. Tilapia, pollack, and swai are among some of the items we inventory around the country. Please ask your salesperson for a complete list of current availability and pricing.

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Specialty & Custom Products

If it’s protein, we know where to find it. Need a special product, cut, or pack? Let us help. We work with many of our customers to develop and source custom products to fit their unique needs.