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Mission: Paradise Kitchens is a leading international manufacturer of further processed poultry. Paradise Kitchens excels in knowledge and expertise in procuring poultry with quality product and lower cost to customers. We are relationship-driven and always take an integrated approach with experienced personnel, customer strategy, and buyer relationships to ensure success.

Vision: Paradise Kitchens is dedicated to premium ingredients, culinary creativity and advanced preparation procedures. Our vision is to sustain value through its mission and ultimately increases profit for customers in the foodservice and multi-unit chain account markets.

Commitment: Paradise Kitchens is committed to providing the best further processed poultry product and looks forward to discussing your business needs.

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Thad Eshelman
Director, Sales and Marketing | P (904) 543-9429
224 Ponte Vedra Park Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

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