Our In-house Logistics TeamEastern Poultry Logistics

Whether your order is shipped from across town or from the other side of the world, Eastern’s dedicated in-house logistics team can handle orders as small as a few hundred cases or as large as an entire railcar — or even an entire freighter. We have very strict handling procedures in place, and we track your product from point of origin to your door, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

We also rely on a network of warehouses strategically located around the country to reduce the distances, and costs, of shipping products. Because of sheer shipping volume, we are also able to negotiate the best possible rates with carriers. The bottom line is absolute control over quality accompanied by lower shipping costs.

Want to haul for us?

As a growing business, we’re constantly looking for new carriers to meet our needs. If you’re a refrigerated asset-based carrier who is interested in hauling for Eastern, don’t hesitate to contact Kevin.Ready@chickenforexport.com for more information.