Competitive Advantages

The Protein People Since 1954

Advantages with Eastern Poultry Distributors

Buying Power: Eastern buys and sells millions of pounds of protein each week. That generates a lot of negotiating clout, resulting in substantial savings for our clients.

Experience: Our knowledgeable sales representatives have an average tenure with Eastern of over 15 years. They can help you navigate through a sea of options and assist you in sourcing the best product at the right price.

Stability: Relationships cemented over 50 years with vendors from around the world are a huge competitive advantage. With an abundance of resources, we are uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of our valuable customers.

International: Bi-lingual sales associates, with offices and relationships around the world, allow us to deliver to your door whether you’re next door or across the globe.

Dedicated In-house Logistics Support: Available 24/7 to provide all of our customers with accurate and precise shipment tracking information and updates.

What distinguishes Eastern:

Clients and vendors like doing business with us because of our commitment to sound business ethics and integrity.